Monthly Archives: February 2012

Zach Arias

Signed up to hear Zach Arias speak in Appleton in a few weeks. Talk about a guy who knows his technical stuff! CheckView full post »

Pictage – Mike and Quinn’s Gallery is Up

This just in (and uploaded!): Mike and Quinn’s picture gallery on Pictage. Enter their public event websiteView full post »

Week 1 – Newness

  Salmon roe 12 weeks to go. This mama’s little ‘bun’ is the size of the redView full post »

Jon and Heidi – (Surprise!) Husband and Wife

    Even the ‘jury’ was decked out for Valentine’s Day. 14 couples tied the knotView full post »

Ali & Dan – A Look at Love

  Alli is a music teacher so we had to snap a few shots ‘at her desk’View full post »

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