Alex & Katie- Milwaukee County Historical Society Wedding Photography

Alex and Katie’s downtown wedding was nine years in the making, and every bit worth the wait!  There’s something calm and sweet about a couple who might be a tad nervous to be stand in front of a hundred people, but could not be more sure about pledging ever after to each other.  Alex has a great sense of humor that catches you by (good) surprise, and Katie a giving spirit and beautiful laugh.  Together they planned a simple but elegant, fall wedding at the Milwaukee County Historical Society.   K&A, I was honored to be treated like your friend with a big camera, 🙂 and document the sincerity and joy of the day you joined your lives.  Forest green ties, woodsy florals and the Usinger’s sign have never looked so good!  Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs Ryan!!


‘Home is where love resides.  Where two beings become one and cherish each other until death do them part.’

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