Baby Owen – Milwaukee Lifestyle Infant Photography

It’s always special to be invited to capture a new baby’s first few days at home.  Baby Owen is surrounded by love; Sarah & David are pretty awesome and as fun as it was to document their love for each other ( last year, it was almost sweeter to capture them as parents smitten with their new little boy.  Sarah, you are glowing with this babe finally in your arms!  Those forehead wrinkles and tiny fingers and toes… he’s just as photogenic as you are.  🙂


After a tough introduction to this world, Mr. O we are glad to see you snuggled safely at home.  May your mom always look at you with such adoration, and your Dad teach you the art of cracking her up and his love of practical jokes.  Blessings to you all, Proeber family!  Congratulations.


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