Baby Walter- Welcome

Spring is a beautiful time of year for babies.  New life is appearing everywhere you look, and Wisconsin is finally warm enough to get out with baby & enjoy it!  After meeting and working with Erin and Peter for their wedding a few years ago, in a not-creepy way I sort of fell in love with them.  They’re the warmest, most appreciative, generous sort people you will meet and when Erin announced she was expecting, I crossed my fingers they’d have me capture some of their first memories with baby Walter.

At the beginning of wedding season, where every day is an incredible blur of once in a lifetime moments that flash by and (no pressure) you frame up and SNAP AWAY, it was lovely to slow down with these three and their inquisitive pups.  To capture a slow morning of sweet, simple moments as parents get to know their peanut at the start of his journey here.  E&J thank you for welcoming me into your adorable home, with tiny real-life baby things strewn about, and for just being yourselves in front of the camera.  I can’t wait to watch you, Hannah and this little guy grow as a family, and see these infant images join the frames of wedding photos on your gallery wall.  🙂


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