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Cumberland Island – Georgia Travel Photography

After the flight, the drive, the ferry, and a bouncy jeep ride on sandy paths, the hectic pace of your journeyView full post »

Lisa – Contemporary Milwaukee Professional Headshots

This girl is soaking up her city and sharing her findings on an all-about-Milwaukee blog!  As a big MKE fan myself, IView full post »

‘Inspired’ Workshop – Stylized Madison Wedding Photography

Even in the busy season it’s important to take time to keep learning, flex the old creative muscle and challengeView full post »

October 30, 2012: My wind-whipped chunk of lake front.

I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera this AM when I saw the whitecaps on a usually pretty mild Lake Michigan.View full post »

Theme Photos- It’s in the little things.

This week’s photo theme from the online photography school ‘challenge list’ was macros.  Macros areView full post »

A little visit. (aka my friend: awesome mommy!)

Last week my best friend, Louise came to visit her family and I was lucky enough to steal some time with her.View full post »

Week 3 – Breakfast

    My favorite slow morning breakfast: slow roasted tomatoes and garlic, caramelized onions, freshView full post »

Week 2 – Cold

  I could have hundreds, thousands of photos of cold cups of coffee. Greenhouse.View full post »

Zach Arias

Signed up to hear Zach Arias speak in Appleton in a few weeks. Talk about a guy who knows his technical stuff! CheckView full post »

Week 1 – Newness

  Salmon roe 12 weeks to go. This mama’s little ‘bun’ is the size of the redView full post »

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