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Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Anthony & Shannon – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Not much time to write tonight– the newlyweds leave on their honeymoon tomorrow and I wanted to share a few favsView full post »

Matt + Katie – Husband and Wife

Katie and Matt make a truly great couple.  Friendly, adorable, cemented together in the Lord (cheesy as it sounds, ifView full post »

Kevin and Rachel – Husband and Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

My talented friend, Lindsay, and my assistant extraordinaire, Emily, photographed Rachel and Kevin’s wedding forView full post »

Tim & Rachel – Husband & Wife

Tim and Rachel were married a week ago, on a sunny day in Hartford.  The new sanctuary at Crown of Life needed no extraView full post »

Dave & Mandy – Husband & Wife, Neenah Wedding Photography

Sometimes when you wait for what you want, really long for it, receiving it is that much sweeter.  You could feel thatView full post »

Sam & Chelsie – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Chelsie and Sam are another inspiring couple whose high school romance matured as they did, and made it all the way toView full post »

Randy & Rebecca – Husband and Wife

Randy and Rebecca were married last weekend in a little church at the edge of Wausau, Wisconsin.  This will be theView full post »

Ben & Steph – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Ben and Stephanie were so sweet on their wedding day, getting ready one floor apart, I don’t think any snag inView full post »

Justin & Sarah – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

At Sarah and Justin’s wedding, food and family were definitely behind the scenes (and what helped take this eventView full post »

Troy & Melissa – Husband and Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Troy and Melissa met in high school and it was the stuff you read about in fairy tales.  Minus the royalty and dragons.View full post »

Dave & Katy – Husband & Wife

When people remember Katy and Dave’s wedding, they won’t remember the rain or the tiny ringbearer whoView full post »

Larry & Janelle- Husband & Wife

You can tell so much about a couple by the speeches at their wedding reception.  As her matron of honor said, JanelleView full post »

Nick & Erika – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

Before Erika and Nick knew Fresh Frame, before it even existed, they knew me.  A little.  Erika and I ran cross countryView full post »

Justin & Beth – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photography

I first met Beth as a bride’s maid in her friend Elsa’s winter wedding in Wilmot, WI.  It was sweet toView full post »

Jason & Heather – Husband & Wife, Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Sometimes, even after dozens of weddings, wedding photographers wake up with butterflies in their stomachs.  This pastView full post »

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