Ryan is a senior at Brookfield Central and requested a casual, organic session.  We headed to the lakefront to highlight him and a few of his favorite things:  cars, football, his dog, and the great outdoors!  It was a perfect, calm night for photos and a friend of his family let us borrow his babay–ehem, car for a few frames.  🙂  She was a beaut!  Good thing we photographed the car last; it was by far Ryan’s favorite part of the shoot and he’d have happily started at that engine rather than my camera.  🙂

When I asked Ryan about his plans after high school, he mentioned his admirable goal of becoming a Navy seal.  For now though (this week already) football practice is starting back up and between sports and lifeguarding he’ll be kept plenty busy.  Congrats on your graduation, Ryan!  You were so chill and easy to work with– enjoy your photos &  have an awesome senior year!


Anniversaries are the perfect time to invest in photos of your family.  When Marie described what she wanted to capture for her mom and dad I knew they’d be a great fit for a casual beachy shoot on Lake Michigan.  Some of these siblings are starting families of their own; a little one will join this crazy bunch in October.  Grandparenting, woohoo!  Another happy step in your journey as a couple!  This dad will be one fun, mischievous grandpa for sure (too bad I didn’t get more shots of his antics behind me as I photographed the rest of the fam).  🙂  Kriege Family thanks for making the effort and taking the time to let me capture you.  Happy 30th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. K!


The first time I met the Trumps they were back in the States from Africa to welcome their third little boy.  This summer, a few weeks earlier than expected, they made it four!  Jeremiah is already a pro at ignoring the craziness of three older brothers and slept through most of his shoot like a champ.  Plus that sweet FACE!

This family is the one every photographer wants to get their hands on: comfy in their own skin, authentic and a little silly, with lots ‘o love sauce poured all over the whole bunch.  Krista & Shauen trusted me with their memories of a special, busy time when a baby and a new home (!) happened in the space of three weeks.  Kinda makes me want to take a nap, just thinking about it…  Helping you remember the cuddles over the clutter of a new space is part of me doing my job.  🙂

I wanted to capture each of their sons even though this shoot was mostly about sweet baby J.  Each one a unique blessing, and more then a little eager to help mom & dad with the newest member of the crew.  Krista assured me there won’t be a fifth brother in summer 2018 😉 but I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to document this little football team.


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.


Psalm 127:4

Two weeks to I-Do Day for these guys and it’s about time!  Every great picture of Hannah since 2011 has Eric in it, and soon I get to add wedding photos to the mix.  I love that every frame of them includes a warmth, a contentment.  And though we had a lot of spots in mind for this mini session, location wouldn’t have mattered one bit.  You see their happiness in each other and forget about the environment.  Isn’t there a little true love in that?  Her laugh transports you. His jokes can make a bad day fade away.  <3  Here’s to July 15th!


Spring is a beautiful time of year for babies.  New life is appearing everywhere you look, and Wisconsin is finally warm enough to get out with baby & enjoy it!  After meeting and working with Erin and Peter for their wedding a few years ago, in a not-creepy way I sort of fell in love with them.  They’re the warmest, most appreciative, generous sort people you will meet and when Erin announced she was expecting, I crossed my fingers they’d have me capture some of their first memories with baby Walter.

At the beginning of wedding season, where every day is an incredible blur of once in a lifetime moments that flash by and (no pressure) you frame up and SNAP AWAY, it was lovely to slow down with these three and their inquisitive pups.  To capture a slow morning of sweet, simple moments as parents get to know their peanut at the start of his journey here.  E&J thank you for welcoming me into your adorable home, with tiny real-life baby things strewn about, and for just being yourselves in front of the camera.  I can’t wait to watch you, Hannah and this little guy grow as a family, and see these infant images join the frames of wedding photos on your gallery wall.  🙂


C o n t a c t   M e