Two weeks to I-Do Day for these guys and it’s about time!  Every great picture of Hannah since 2011 has Eric in it, and soon I get to add wedding photos to the mix.  I love that every frame of them includes a warmth, a contentment.  And though we had a lot of spots in mind for this mini session, location wouldn’t have mattered one bit.  You see their happiness in each other and forget about the environment.  Isn’t there a little true love in that?  Her laugh transports you. His jokes can make a bad day fade away.  <3  Here’s to July 15th!


Spring is a beautiful time of year for babies.  New life is appearing everywhere you look, and Wisconsin is finally warm enough to get out with baby & enjoy it!  After meeting and working with Erin and Peter for their wedding a few years ago, in a not-creepy way I sort of fell in love with them.  They’re the warmest, most appreciative, generous sort people you will meet and when Erin announced she was expecting, I crossed my fingers they’d have me capture some of their first memories with baby Walter.

At the beginning of wedding season, where every day is an incredible blur of once in a lifetime moments that flash by and (no pressure) you frame up and SNAP AWAY, it was lovely to slow down with these three and their inquisitive pups.  To capture a slow morning of sweet, simple moments as parents get to know their peanut at the start of his journey here.  E&J thank you for welcoming me into your adorable home, with tiny real-life baby things strewn about, and for just being yourselves in front of the camera.  I can’t wait to watch you, Hannah and this little guy grow as a family, and see these infant images join the frames of wedding photos on your gallery wall.  🙂


Happy day after Memorial Day weekend!  Today definitely feels like a Monday but this sunny session is helping me get over the fact that I’m parked in front of a screen!  Jenna and Alex know how to make a girl feel confident and appreciated.  I WAS working during this shoot, right? 😉  She lights him up, he grounds her– a perfect match.  Did I mention they look really good all dressed up in a garden??  Yeah, you’ll see what I mean.

Jenna & Alex, I am lucky to be your photographer!  And lucky that Wisconsin pulled out all the stops on this beaut of a spring night at Whitnal Park.  Enjoy these photos; you guys look great together!


When life takes a turn toward parenthood before you expect it, you lean on your mom a bit til things stop spinning, then start envisioning a little person in those family photos of you, the hubs, and the dog.  Gina’s mom and sis not only helped the cause of ‘ buying all the tiny pink things’ but also gifted her the memory of this special, albeit busy, time with a lifestyle newborn session.  Mike & Gina, Diem is just perfect.  She’s already surrounded by love, has Dad wrapped around her teeny fingers, and an “all bark, no bite” protector in furbabe Zoe!  Enjoy this new adventure together and every minute of newborn sweetness, whatever time of the day or night you get it.  🙂


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